Anonymous asked:

do you have any artsy suggestions for a profile picture? Thanks in advance and by the way I REALLY LOVE your blog so lovely!

oh, well, first of all thank you very very much, I’m flattered you want advice from me! here are some ideas:

  1. loads of frames, regardless if they all have the same photo or they’re a sequence, but like a square photo pattern (I have no idea how to explain this other than those id photos you get at photobooths / posh-lost’s old profile pic sort of)
  2. use a prism to fragment your selfies (as seen here)
  3. cover your face with an object you love (plant, book, hamster, etc)
  4. draw yourself! it doesn’t actually have to look like yourself, most of my self portraits don’t
  5. take any portrait of yours and turn it into an old-style portrait (give it a backstory) // if you’d like, I can post a tutorial sometime in the future, when I re-install photoshop

hope this helps (if you feel like it, send me another message so I can see what you’ve done! - I will responde privately, don’t worry)

Anonymous asked:

since you're a photographer, how do you take a self portrait? i can't get my camera to focus on me

okay, good question - two techniques that have worked for me
1. (for “close-ups”) stick a ribbon or tape above your head, whether you’re sitting down or not, and if you want air or clear space above your head, place the ribbon or tape where you want the top of the picture to be - then frame the picture with that reference, now, from here on, you can do many things: either place your hand at a certain distance and focus from there, or make a pile of stuff until you reach a certain height with which you can focus, etc. (it’s best if you have someone else to sit down, obviously, but sometimes that can’t be)
2. for further away shots, it’s kind of the same, except you also add a mark on the floor where you should be so that when you’ve finished focusing you know where to stand.

but those are just very simple and precarious ways to do it, maybe you’ll find a better way by just experimenting! it can be really fun and out-of-focus / over-under-exposed portraits can be great *coughs*

hope that helps you out a little :—)